Oral History Project
This page has models and information helpful for the design and implementation of an oral history project

Background questions

An example of questions which help an interviewee to focus in preparations for an interview.

Interviewee profile ideas

An example of topics which help provide background information on an interviewee.

Initial Interview Questions

Initial interview questions are used to gather genealogical information for researchers. They also provide an easy introduction for the interviewee before the main part of the interview.

Standard oral history information.

‚Äč An example of information kept on an interview.

Glasgow powerpoint This powerpoint provides background information on Sutherland College and the TAFE NSW Sutherland College Oral History Project.

Tasmanian OH Conference handout This handout summarizes the key sections of this wiki site.

Interview in Progress notice

This notice encourages people not to disturb the interview.

Record of Interviews

Lists all interviews with useful notes.

Easy to follow, comprehensive instructions on using Audacity - a free sound editing program can be found at http://sridgway.wikispaces.com Author, Stephan Ridgway - eLearning Technology, TAFE NSW Sydney Institute. This resource shows how to edit and use digital mp3 sound files.

Legal requirements and documentation for the conducting and use of oral history and associated resources from the TAFE NSW Sutherland College Oral History Project are held at TAFE NSW Sydney Institute. Each individual oral history project should source the appropriate documentation and authority to use. The TAFE NSW documentation used for the Sutherland Oral History Project is not provided on this page because it is applicable only to this oral history project.